Divinity Original Sin (pre)purchase Agreement

Terms and conditions

It’s a mouthful but you really should read this document carefully before you make your purchase (or pre-purchase). They are the general Terms & Conditions for purchasing anything on one of our sites. We tried to cover most cases, but it’s always possible that we forgot something. If you have questions about anything, please contact support@larian.com. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH ANYTHING IN THIS DOCUMENT, PLEASE DON’T USE THIS SERVICE. By using our Service, you are agreeing, without limitations or qualifications, to the terms and conditions herein. We regret that documents like this exist, but apparently they are necessary.

The summary of it all is that we’re happy that you want to (pre-)purchase one of our games, that you need to make sure you have a PC that can run the game, that once you bought the game, you can only be refunded as long as you didn’t install the game, that you understand you shouldn’t copy our games without our permission, that we make no warranties whatsoever about the quality of the game and that we’ll respect your privacy.

That’s the summary. You should still read the rest. You should always read Agreements like this. Sorry.

1. – Subject and limitations of the service:

www.larianvault.com, www.divinityoriginalsin.com and www.divinitydragoncommander.com and www.larian.com are Internet websites (hereinafter “the Site”) offering internet users who have registered to the site (hereinafter “Customers”), a download to own video game service.

The user may select a video game, download it, install it on his computer and keep it on his hard disk drive (hereinafter “the Service”).

The Service is operated by Larian Studios NV (hereinafter the “Distributor”), Panharinglaan 11, 8660 De Panne

The Service consists in the digital delivery of video games and all associated content needed to install and run the said games (serial number or activation key, multiplayer key, bonus key…) as data files: no physical back-up, notably CD-rom or DVD-rom will be sent (hereinafter “the Games” or the “Video Games”).

Furthermore, the Service can also carry, under similar conditions, other products, such as strategy guides or physical versions of the products. These Terms and Conditions apply in the exact same way to all the other products.

2. – Prerequisites:

2.1 – Internet Access: The Games available to download range from dozens of megabytes to many gigabytes in size: it is therefore recommended that the Customer has a broadband internet connection, either ADSL or cable. An internet access is also required to install and launch the downloaded Games, or, depending on the Games, to reach some dedicated features (multiplayer sessions, etc...).

2.2 - Account: To use the Service, you will need to create an account and you will be required to supply valid information including a valid email address. Incorrect details may result in the rejection of your order.

2.3 – Computer: The Games require a clean computer, with system specifications fulfilling a certain number of requirements (CPU power, RAM, GPU...): these specifications are indicated online on a Game per Game basis. It is the Customer’s responsibility to check that their computer fulfills the minimum requirements to run each Game. If in doubt about the specifications, please refer to article 5 – Customer Service and ask our customer service.

The Distributor will not be held responsible for misuse of the downloaded Games, nor for their compatibility with the Customer’s computer.

3. – Price & Payment:

The prices of Games advertised for sale on the Site are as set out on the Site, errors and omissions excepted. Prices may change at any time prior to acceptance of Customer’s order.

There are orders for Games that have not yet become available. For some Games, Customers will be able to make a pre-released order or a pre-load order using the Site. Release dates are set by the publishers and are subject to change. As a result, the Distributor is not liable for any changes to a pre-release date.

Pre-release, pre-load or download orders will be supplied at the price applicable at the time of order and the sale is said to have taken place once the Customer obtained the payment confirmed page and received a confirmation email.

Customers must pay all applicable sales and use taxes, value added taxes and other taxes levied on you by any taxing authority on any Game purchase in any country where such transactions are otherwise subject to tax, regardless of the method of delivery. Any taxes owed by you (i) as a result of purchasing Games or the payment of any fee, (ii) that are required or permitted to be collected from you by the Distributor under applicable law, and (iii) that are based upon the amounts payable under these Terms & Conditions, must be remitted by Customers to the Distributor. Failure on the Distributor's part to invoice a Customer for any such taxes does not relieve such Customer of the liability to pay such taxes. The Customer will promptly reimburse the Distributor for all taxes or other charges imposed upon the Distributor by any national, state or municipal government upon the sale, use, production, or distribution of Games.

No bank or card details are visible by, nor stored by the Distributor or on the Site. In order to fight mounting internet fraud, the Distributor collects and records certain device identifying information such as IP addresses, as well as other non-personally identifiable information. In addition, the Distributor has contracts in place with certain third party service providers and shares such non-personally identifiable information with them to provide the safest user experience. This unique official identification contractually binds you. In the absence of fraud this information will remain confidential.

4. – Customers Rights & Obligations:

4.1 – Customer ID: the Customer is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his accounts’ login and password, and is fully responsible for all activities that occur under this account.

The Distributor reserves the right to suspend or terminate any account if it is or appears to be used in breach of any of the provisions of these Terms & Conditions, including the provision of false registration details or any other misuse of the Site. Any person who holds such a suspended or terminated account must not re-register on the Site without the Distributor’s prior consent.

In the event of any unauthorized use of your account or any other breach of security, the Customer must notify the Distributor immediately by contacting customer services.

Note about Phishing (the criminally fraudulent process of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details): The Distributor will never ask the Customer to divulge his password. Such a request would be a fraud attempt by a third party.

4.2- Game Delivery: The Customer can access the Games’ data files and all associated content needed to install and run said Games (serial number or activation key, multiplayer key, bonus key…) once the payment has been validated. In order to fight fraud, the Distributor may refuse or delay the delivery of some or all of this associated content should the payment not be validated. If a Customer is waiting for a Game delivery, he may contact the customer service in order to speed the payment validation process up.

4.3 – Right of Cancellation: the Customer may cancel his order at any stage before the Service is delivered. The Service is delivered once the Customer has received the downloadable links and/or any serial numbers either on the receipt page or via confirmation email.

4.4- Distributor cancellation & refund policy: Video Games for which the Customer has received downloadable links and/or any serial numbers are non-refundable, whether based on technical failure of the Game, Customer inability to meet requirements to run the Game on the Customer’s computer or lack of enjoyment while playing the Game.

Refunds may be offered if all the following conditions are met:

  • The time of the Customer’s request for refund/credit is less than 48 hours since the Service started;
  • The Game has not been activated or launched;
  • The Game serial numbers (activation key, multiplayer key, bonus key...if any) have not been transmitted and/or disclosed by the Customer to any third party;
  • Customer service has determined the Customer’s refund request reasonable under special circumstances.
Customer service will determine if a Customer meets the foregoing criteria for a refund. If a Customer feels he is qualified for a refund, he will have to contact Customer service.

4.5 – License of Use: The payment and download of Video Games gives the Customer an individual license that is non-exclusive for the use of the video game purchased, for a purely private, non-transferable and non-commercial use. The Customer commits to using the Game following the Publisher’s End User License as provided during installation and/or (depending on the Game) on the Site.

In consequence, the Customer is forbidden from modifying, decompiling, translating, adapting and/or copying the downloaded game(s) in any way, except to create a copy onto a CD or DVD-rom or any other support for personal archiving.

The distribution of non-authorized copies to third parties over the internet or any other network prevents the development of distribution by download and prevents the right holders from any remuneration which would be used for the creation of subsequent Games. In order to prevent fraud, the Customer may only install the Games on a limited number of machines (and reinstall a limited number of times) and/or, (depending on the Game), will have to create an account directly on the Publisher’s site or any third party selected by said Publisher to launch or access dedicated features from the Game.

In the event of problems arising from the reasonable re-installation of the game (loss, system alteration, etc.), please contact the customer service which may expand customer’s rights after having analyzed any reasonable requests.

5. – Customer Service:

The Distributor provides assistance with the Service for any questions relating to the download of, the installation of or the payment of a Game.

To receive assistance with the Service, Customers can go to the online support pages and, if they do not find the required answers, may contact the customer service using the contact form available on the Site.

In order for customer service to satisfy any request, the Customer will be required to give information that was sent to them after the purchase (sale ID), accurate information about the issue encountered and about the Customer’s computer environment.

The Distributor is not responsible for any issues linked to the Game itself. These issues are the Game Publisher’s responsibility only. The Distributor may provide links to the Game Publisher’s customer support or technical FAQ pages if and when available.

6. – Service Limitations:

The Distributor cannot always anticipate technical or other operational difficulties which may result in loss of data, personalization settings or other service interruptions. For this reason, Customers agree that the Service, including the services of its third-party service providers, are provided “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE”. Neither the Distributor nor its third-party service providers assume responsibility for the timeliness, deletion, miss-delivery or failure to store any data, communications or personalization settings. In particular, the Distributor cannot guarantee the speed of download of the Games, which depends on the combination of the Service with characteristics inherent to the Internet or the delivery of a third party’s service, including service from third-party Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and the User’s system.

7. – Warranties:

The Consumer benefits, under the terms of each Publisher end-user license, of a limited warranty for each Game purchased according to the present Terms and Conditions.

In any event, the responsibility and the guarantees of the Distributor are limited to the replacement of defective games or their eventual reimbursement.

The Distributor may provide a corrective patch to update the version of a Game purchased on the Site. This patch, provided for free by the Publisher is reachable from the Game’s menu itself, or from the Publisher’s website, or from the Site. For some Games, only patches provided from the Site are compatible with the versions of Games sold on the Site. The Distributor is not responsible for any issues linked to a non-compatible patch installed by the Customer on a Game purchased on the Site.

8. Community tools:

In addition to the online selling of Games, the Distributor provides tools allowing communication between Customers (user reviews, forum posts, profiles, messages…).

8.1 – Rules of Conduct: The Distributor may delete any illicit content and, as a potential author, the Customer will be held responsible when he contributes content to the Service.

If a Customer encounters another user who is violating any of the rules of conduct, he shall report this activity to the customer service.

8.2 – Property: When a Customer contributes content to the Service, the Customer expressly grants to the Distributor a non-exclusive, perpetual, worldwide, complete and irrevocable right to quote, re-post, use, reproduce, modify, create derivative works from, syndicate, license, print, sublicense, distribute, transmit, broadcast, and otherwise communicate, and publicly display and perform the content, or any portion thereof, in any manner or form and in any medium or forum, whether now known or hereafter devised, without notice, payment or attribution of any kind.

9. - Privacy:

The Distributor respects the privacy of the Internet users. To see this site's Privacy Policy, please visit http://www.larian.com/disclaimer.php

10. Proof & Filing:

All data exchanged with the Customers are preserved by the Distributor under reasonable conditions of safety. The filing of these data is carried out on a reliable and durable back-up means so as to correspond to a faithful and durable copy. In the event of conflict between the data held by the Distributor and any other document, it is expressly agreed that the aforementioned data will be recognized between the parties.

11. - Specific rules on the protection of minors and consumer information:

To answer the consumer’s need for information about the content of the offered Games, the Distributor systematically reproduces the classification established by the ESRB system (Entertainment Software Rating Board). For more information on ESRB ratings please visit http://www.esrb.org.

The Service is not directed to children under the age of 13. The Distributor will not knowingly collect personally identifiable information on or through the Service from anyone under 13. Please be aware that certain games distributed via the Service contain mature content and there may be posted specific age restrictions to access and view such areas. You may be exposed to Content on the Service that you find offensive, indecent or objectionable. By using the Service you assume all risk associated with its use. We encourage parents to supervise their children's use of the Service and maintain open communication regarding appropriate materials for use and viewing by their children. Note to Parents. If you have any concerns about the Service, please contact our customer service.

12. – Disclaimer:



13. – General Provisions:

The Distributor reserves the right to update the Terms and Conditions at any time. The Distributor will then provide access to the new Terms and Conditions on the Site. The new Terms and Conditions will take effect immediately, and will govern all new transactions through the Site.

Unless otherwise specified, the materials in the Service are presented solely for the purpose of entertainment and promoting programs, events, products available in the United States, its territories, possessions, and protectorates. The Site is controlled and operated by the Distributor from its offices within the State of Georgia, United States of America. The Distributor makes no representation that material in the Service is appropriate or available for use in other locations. Those who choose to access the Service from other locations do so on their own initiative and are responsible for compliance with local laws, if and to the extent local laws are applicable.

This agreement shall be governed by, construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the Kingdom of Belgium, as it is applied to agreements entered into and to be performed entirely within Belgium. Any action a Customer, any third party or the Distributor bring to enforce this agreement or, in connection with, any matters related to the Service shall be brought only in the district of Veurne, Belgium, and the Customers expressly consent to the jurisdiction of said courts. If any provision of this agreement shall be unlawful, void, or for any reason unenforceable, then that provision shall be deemed severable from this agreement and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions. This is the entire agreement between the parties relating to the matters contained herein and shall not be modified except in writing, signed by the Distributor.

Last updated on the 8th of April 2013

Thanks to phenomenal backers our kickstarter campaign was a success! Check out how it happened
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Homestead Built, Expanding The Lair, More Than Meets The Eye, Kirill Live

Update #15 · Apr 15, 2013

Homestead Built!

Yes! You did it! The first stretchgoal has been successfully reached! The more we thought about it, the cooler all the features over at the Shelter Plane at the End of Time have become, and the more anxious we are to actually play around with them!

So what else is there? Of course, our next stretchgoal is in sight: talents and personal traits. But wait! There's more...

Expanding The Lair

From now on, for every 1000 backers that we gain, the lair of the monster beneath Phantom Forest will become deeper and deeper. (This means, we start counting at 10'000 backers.) Or in the words of Jan, our writer extraordinaire:

"As you travel onward beyond the woods of Luculla, it doesn't take long to reach the outskirts of Phantom Forest: a vast, towering woodland shunned by almost all that lives. Once entered, a few steps suffice to be engulfed in absolute nocturnal darkness that even the eyes of a cat would have great difficulty in piercing. Armed with a torch one might proceed, but it requires an iron will not to turn and run in fright when beholding the torturously contorted grimaces that seem to slither through every coarsely barked trunk. Dead bodies hang from twisted branches, silent and still, for not even the winds dare penetrate the foreboding canopy of Phantom Forest."

Phantom Forest, not for the faint of heart...

"Neither do the forces of evil that threaten our heroes, for it is said that deep within its reaches a creature lurks that is so cruel the world knows not its like - not even the sinister Engineer that shall plague the Marked One centuries later can compare with the shadow that stalks this distorted wood. And yet, it is there that the key can be found to unravel an essential piece of lore of infinite value to those who seek to control the Source..."

The lair of this nightmarish beast is a labyrinth riddled with death, puzzles and mystery. It's up to you however, to decide just how extensive this lair will be. For every thousand extra backers that pledge from here on out, a new level full of pitfalls, threats and riddles will be added!

Hyperion doesn't even come close - The lair of the unspeakable...

With your help, the depths of Phantom Forest will become the stage of an unforgettable adventure, and to those that walk in unprepared, certain grisly death!

More Than Meets The Eye

In the following video, we want to show you how, just like in the previous Divinity games, something seemingly small and trivial can unravel a whole new world in Divinity: Original Sin. Or how one lonely lamenting ghost above ground unlocks an entire society of ghosts living underground... (Minor spoiler alert.)

Kirill Live This Thursday

As a reminder, Kirill will be playing LIVE this Thursday.

You will be able to ask questions during and after the concert and we'll let Kirill answer after the concert. Join us at www.divinityoriginalsin.com:

7:00PM CEST (Central European Summer Time, also known as Belgium Time to us)

That's 9:00PM in Moscow, 6:00PM in London, 1:00PM in New York, and 10:00AM in San Francisco ;-)

We will be streaming this concert live but we will also record this and later on upload it to our Youtube channel.

First Fansite Spotted

Something started growing here in our Kickstarter comments section, which has started to lead a life of its own. After watching one of our videos, some people were wondering if the sheep would actually fight back, and one thing lead to another... So apparently, without us even realizing it, there are Weresheep in Divinity: Original Sin. We had no other choice now but to actually introduce them.

The Weresheep Guild now has its own website where they are gathering as much data as they can about Divinity: Original Sin. Bookmark it :-)

The logo of www.weresheep.net

And In Closing

At Kickstarter, everything always has to go up. Up, up, higher and higher: backers, pledges, rewards... It feels weird, but we wanna get that dungeon going down, down, deeper and down.

Stretch goal ahoy, Designer Talk, Join the Forums

Update #14 · Apr 14, 2013

It's Sunday and the sun is finally shining here. What better way to start the day than a small Divinity: Original Sin update?

Stretch goal ahoy!

With a bit of extra support, it looks like we may make our very first stretch goal today!

In case you missed out on the description of our first stretch goal - The Shelter Plane At The End of Time – here are 3 out of at least 7 reasons why you want us to make this:

  • The Transcript of Unravelled Destinies: See what consequences your actions have on the future of Rivellon, while you’re playing.
  • The Coffers That Have No Bottoms: You can pretty much pick up anything that looks like it can be picked up in Divinity:Original Sin. Now you’ll have a place where you can store it all.
  • Secrets Galore: There are some really juicy secrets to be found on the Shelter Plane. It would be a pity if they remain secret. Maybe you’ll even discover whatever happened to this fellow...

For even more reasons, check out the update we did on the Shelter Plane.

Join the forums – leave your mark!

A lot of people underestimate the impact of their comments in our forums. We often involve forum posts in our discussions at Larian, and it’s fair to say that several of the better features in our games were born from forum discussions and many more features were improved as a direct consequence of a post there. We also love getting feedback - it makes us better at our jobs.

That’s why we’d like to invite you to participate in the discussions on the Divinity: Original Sin forums. These forums are the place where discussions are going to continue post-Kickstarter and they are visited daily by many developers at Larian.

Drop a note on the forums if you have an idea for something you’d really like to see in Divinity: Original Sin. You might be surprised at our willingness to pick it up.

Designer talk

Ever wondered why most multiplayer “RPGs” feel "dumbed down"?

We tried to make a video about what's involved when you try to make one that's not "dumbed" down, but even that turned out to be complicated ;)

In closing

This update is a bit shorter than usual, not only because it's weekend, but also because we're all watching this video. Have a great sunday!

25K left to go, New Update Theme, The History of Rivellon & a shout out!

Update #13 · Apr 12, 2013

In this update

Better reward pages

Unfortunately, there are limits to what we can do on the Kickstarter pages. One of those limitations is that we cannot modify the text in the rewards to include all of our additions. That's why we set up these pages where you will be able to find the right descriptions for each reward, in different languages.

Have a look to the section on the right, you might have missed some cool stuff when pledging ;)

Only 25K left to go to the first stretch goal

Since we already collected $5 331,39 via Paypal, the counter is now only 25K away from our first stretch goal: Your Homestead At The Shelter Plane At The End Of Time! If you missed yesterday's update, be sure to check out why you really want this.

The update song to end all other update songs

For two weeks some backers have been driving us crazy with their update song, pushing us to release update after update. We wanted to do something with said song in retaliation but it turns out that would be copyright infringement.

So we asked Kirill, our house composer, to come up with something new. This is the same Kirill who will be giving an exclusive piano recital with Divinity themes here next Thursday, April 18th at 19:00 GMT+1 btw.

All that's left for us to do now is get our animators to make some dancing weresheep, and our revenge will be complete ;)

The History of Rivellon

By Jodocus Lipsius, Court Historian
- Printed by Ye Olde Presse, Verdistis -

As a member of the Prancing Seahorse gentleman's club of Aleroth, I am proud to present this little historical summary of mighty Rivellon. May the reader find elucidation among its pages, few and incomplete as they are. What knowledge I have I share; I can do no more.

Note on the abbreviations of time:
  • AR: Anno Rivellonis. The ancient way of identifying specific years.
  • AD: Anno Deorum. How we count years now, in honour of the Seven Gods.

WARNING! For those readers who are unfamiliar with these events, but intend to learn more about them by means of interactive scrying stones, I issue a SPOILER ALERT! No need to thank me.

8800 AR - Dragon Commander

So long ago did these events take place that they may well be sagas rather than truths, but ancient souls swear they happened as described beneath. I leave it to my lectors to make up their minds for themselves and separate what they think is reality from what they think is fiction.

When Rivellon's first emperor Sigurd was killed by his own children, a bloody war for the throne began. The entire world was said to be in danger of destruction, for rumours persist through time that all battles were fought with giant machines and airships of incredible and devastating power; technology long lost - perhaps merely a fable. In the end a Dragon Knight - and son of Sigurd - prevailed. Details are few and far between, but my research indicates that he had the backing of the legendary wizard Maxos. If so, what a mighty pair these two must have made!

The Lost Centuries

Almost nothing is known of these lost times. One can only deduct that the empire united by the aforementioned Dragon Knight must have fallen or slipped into decadence. Did it stand for a thousand years? Two-thousand? We may never know. During these lost times one cataclysmic conflict did most certainly take place: the prolonged and brutal Wizard Wars. I shall elaborate a bit more on these events further down the time line.

4 AR - Original Sin

Sadly I must confess that once more my knowledge about these long forgotten times is diminutive at best. Very little is known about the strange and spectacular events that befell two so-called Source Hunters. Nevertheless, if one can put faith in the fragmented stories told by old wizards, they both prevented and set in motion events that changed the destiny of fair Rivellon herself.

I'd sell my soul to know more, but those damned mages are so damnably reticent! Zandalor knows all, of that I am sure, but not even two carafes of spiced elven wine stir his tongue to speak of what happened back then. Something must have! Shortly after, we even changed the way we count time! AR to AD ... Was it truly just to honour the gods?
The history of this world; I swear more of it is secret than is known.

100 AD - The First Rise and Fall of Chaos

In this black year a new enemy attacked Rivellon, more vicious than anything that came before. It was called Chaos and it had been worshipped and brought to power by sinister forces at work ever since those times Zandalor refuses to talk about. Might there be a link? This is mere assumption on my part, but we all know what they say about smoke and fire - and when thick smoke curls up out of the wizard's pipe as he gives me that stern stare of his when I press him upon the subject, I do start to suspect evil and intricate doings. But this is neither here nor there, so suffice to say that after long, brutal battles, the enemy - personified by the demonic Chaos Lord - was defeated by dwarven armies. They alone safeguarded the world from succumbing to Chaos during these times and still deserve lavish praise for doing so.

611 AD - The Second Rise and Fall of Chaos

The Chaos Demon had been defeated centuries before, but an insidious wizard by the name of Ulthring (how Zandalor glares when the name is mentioned) had rallied the wounded demon and amassed fresh armies anew. This time Rivellon would have surely fallen had it not been for the Sacrifice of Seven: empowered by the Seven Gods, a human, a dwarf, an elf, a lizard, an imp and an orc gave their lives so that the Lord of Chaos would be defeated. Among them was Duke Ruben Ferol, and it was his apprentice Ralph who walked away from the battlefield with Ulthring's sword: the ill-fated Sword of Lies.

1218 AD - Divine Divinity

Alas it seems that Chaos can never be finally beaten, for even though centuries passed, its nefarious influence remained awake - and plotted. (Let me interject that finally we come to those parts of our history with which I am much more familiar and my narrative will be the more elaborate for it.)
I'm sorry to say evil festered from within: humans, loyal to the Damned Hordes, sought not only to ensure the return of their dark master, but to give his Demonic form human semblance, so that rather than to destroy Rivellon, he would come to rule her. This group, known as the Black Ring, were close to achieving their goal and would doubtless have succeeded had it not been for both the tireless vigilance of Zandalor and the startling fate of an adventurer named Lucian. This adventurer, guided as he was by the forces of good, exposed the Black Ring’s sinister schemes and when the time came willingly underwent a daring ritual that infused him with the powers of the Seven Gods who feared that Chaos could threaten their very existence. So the Divine was born!

Leaving but grim corpses in his wake - and aided as he was by a dragon; the Patriarch - the avatar of light followed the enemy to its stronghold, nestled deep beneath the desert wastes of Yuthul Gor, where he stalked and killed every Black Ring elder until finally he and their diabolic leader, the Demon of Lies, stood snout to face. The fiend smiled and told the Divine he was too late: the transfer was complete and the Lord of Chaos would walk again. Indeed, behind him, on a large altar lay a newborn infant, a shell of innocence wrapped around a soul of utter corruption. The Divine’s sword saw the Demon dead, but despite being able to put an end to the vast plague that had almost brought Rivellon to her knees, he could not bring himself to kill the child.

1218 to 1233 AD - The Youth of Damian

Lucian named his 'son' Damian, and for years the Damned One, unaware of the terrible forces that brimmed beneath his boyish exterior, grew up under the Divine’s tutelage. Until he met Ygerna. Sent to seduce Damian by her father, the Black Ring necromancer Kalin, she befriended the young man, who was instantly infatuated with her. Not only did she return his affections, but also his long slumbering powers. They practiced innocent spells at first, but later on more sinister magic, rarer incantations, and, most dangerous of all, they unravelled forbidden knowledge. For some time, Damian's Divine foster parent was blissfully oblivious of Ygerna’s ominous influence on his son, until evidence connected her to Kalin, whom he had recently executed. When questioned she confessed that she supported his rotten stratagems, the most important of these being the renascence of Damian’s dark, dormant powers.
After hearing such hideous testimony, Lucian had no choice but to execute Ygerna in turn: the Black Ring never enjoys clemency, whatever the circumstances. Under the eyes of the wise, but worry-plagued Zandalor, the Divine’s sword severed Ygerna’s head from her body. Yet, at that prophetic moment, while Ygerna’s blood was still claiming more territory on the floor, Damian entered and gave voice to a spell that utterly stunned even that mighty ensemble: the spell of Soul Forging. Before anyone could react, Damian turned back and seemingly disappeared. The Divine knew his son would from then on be his greatest foe and understood that Damian had already realised a great deal of his black potential: he who can Soul Forge, is a stupendous adversary indeed. The Damned One walked again.
As Lucian and Damian gathered their armies, Zandalor contemplated the repercussions of Damian’s acts. A Soul Forge is an exceptional enough event in its own right; a Soul Forge with a soul as it dwells amidst the few fragments of time between life and death, was unprecedented. Uncertain of the consequences for either him or Damian, he entrusted Ygerna’s body to the care of embalmers, forgoing the usual ritual burning of Black Ring corpses.

1233 AD - Damian Is Banished To Nemesis

Within days, the Black Ring and Divine Paladins clashed. Damian though, had eyes for Lucian only: he would show him the same kindness he had shown Ygerna. What he did not know was that the Divine was ready for him. He would lure his son to a Rift Temple and, if all went according to plan, banish him to another dimension. Blinded as he was by his all-consuming wrath, Damian did not realise he was being drawn into a trap and soon he was locked away in shadow haunted Nemesis. The Divine returned to Rivellon, glad that the threat his foster son posed was eliminated, yet strangely mournful because he realised that despite the evil that had taken hold of him, Damian’s spur-of-the-moment Soul Forge was essentially an act of love.

1238 AD - Beyond Divinity

The Damned One however, made the best of his situation in Nemesis. He bode his time, grew in stature and power, until he did what most thought could not be done: with the help of a duped paladin who knew not it was Damian he was fighting with side by side, he broke free from his prison dimension and initially overran the surprised Rivellonian forces.

1238 to 1300 AD - The Rise and Fall of Damian and the Divine

His thoughts were still wholly focused on one thing: to destroy the Divine and so revenge Ygerna. The war changed the face of Rivellon: for years it raged and one catastrophic event followed the other. Where once there were mountains there are now flat scorched plains and picturesque farmlands have been pushed up and turned into jagged cliffs. Nevertheless mankind faced its infernal foes with remarkable courage and tenacity. A decisive reason for their stubborn optimism was the new forged alliance between the Divine and the now very rare, but still immensely powerful Dragon Knights, the last and elusive proponents of Dragon magic in the Demon-swept realms. Throughout the climactic battle, the scales of victory could have tipped either way. But then the unthinkable happened: one of the Dragon Knights betrayed and slew the unsuspecting Divine. During the confusion that ensued, the Paladins started to fight Dragon and Demon alike. Luckily Zandalor was able to rally the troops and so narrowly avoid disaster. Damian, who had already lost much of his forces and had seen his revenge materialised, ordered his army to abandon the field. His dominion over Rivellon could wait. And besides, he had other things on his mind. The war ended, but the fighting never stopped. Enraged by the betrayal of the Dragon Knights and the death of the Divine, humanity saw the foundation of the Order of Dragon Slayers, which specialised in the eradication of the Patriarch's chosen few. With Maxos gone and the Patriarch unwilling to intervene, their already very small number dwindled fast until ultimately only one remained: Talana.

1300 AD - Divinity II - The Dragon Knight Saga

Talana was hunted without pause and without remorse, but when she was finally tracked down and mortally wounded by the greatest of Dragon Slayers, Commander Rhode, she yielded all her powers to a young Dragon Slayer recruit who thereby became the last Dragon Knight. It became his goal to kill arch-nemesis Damian by means of resurrecting Ygerna with whom he was soul forged. During the course of his quest it was revealed that the Dragon Knight who killed the Divine was mind-tricked by Damian and that the Dragon Slayers' hunt for Dragon Knights worked to his advantage. When he'd be back, he'd no longer have to deal with these fearsome foes.

As it would turn out, the mystery Dragon Knight who assassinated the Divine was not the last one to fall for a ruse, for the Dragon-Slayer-turned-Dragon-Knight too was tricked, by no other than Ygerna this time, who, claiming to be Talana, led him to her from the very netherworld – the Hall of Echoes – so that he would resurrect her. Believing this would kill Damian, the Dragon Knight did so, but soon discovered he was duped and found himself imprisoned in a realm beyond time and space: the Plane of Hypnerotomachia.

All worked out well for Damian who had unsuccessfully tried to resurrect Ygerna as well. But that was not the only thing he had been doing, for Damian knew his history and knew of the legends of Sigurd's empire. During the glory years of the Dragon Slayers he had been doing more than sit around and plan a next campaign: he had been researching the technology used by Maxos and the Dragon Knight to unite an empire so many thousands of years ago. The result was still a far cry from what this technology had once been, but nonetheless the crude, but imposing Flying Fortresses he had constructed were a force to be reckoned with and he lost no time deploying them against the human capital of Aleroth.

To protect the city, Zandalor employed desperate measures: he conjured a shield around the city which effectively safeguarded it from harm, but to be able to do so he first had to harvest this shielding magic from around the prison of a Chaos wizard by the name of Behrlihn who had been rotting away in his dungeon deep beneath Aleroth ever since he was incarcerated after the Wizard Wars.
Behrlihn, omnipotent in many ways, knew everything that had happened in the world despite his being locked away, and now that he sensed the disappearance of the shield, he immediately travelled in mental form to the Plane of Hypnerotomachia, something he could not do when the guarding magic was still in place. Here he found the lost Dragon Knight and no other than the Divine, who was in fact still alive and likewise imprisoned by Damian. Behrlihn made a deal with the Dragon Knight. The latter would release the former's physical self from underneath the besieged city and in return Behrlihn would both free the Divine from his other-worldly captivity and give the Dragon Knight the Eye of the Patriarch, a mighty object that could destroy the armada of Flying Fortresses around Aleroth. And so the Dragon Knight was free once more to roam the city in search of ways to free the dread Chaos wizard.
In the end, the Dragon Knight freed Behrlihn who gave him the Eye of the Patriarch, but refused to free the Divine. Armed with this powerful object, the Dragon Knight set out to defeat the fleet of Flying Fortresses which turned out to be commanded by the freshly resurrected Ygerna. The threat above Aleroth was obliterated, but the fight was not over. Ygerna and Behrlihn spirited themselves away to the Plane of Hypnerotomachia and pulled the Dragon Knight in with them. At last there followed the final confrontation between these three and soon both Behrlihn and Ygerna lay dead.
Their lives and their powers had been undone and consequently the Divine was freed. Aleroth and indeed all of Rivellon rejoiced, but Damian remains alive to this day - and in a sense he remains undefeated.

The future - unlike Zixzax the Imp Historian claims - has yet to be written ...

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Update #12 · Apr 11, 2013

We're only halfway through our campaign, and already you have us talking about the first stretch goal. Well done! And thank you! All 10000 of you!

Without any further delay, here is today's update:

Dragon Commander available as add-on

By (very) popular demand, we added a digital version of Dragon Commander as an add-on, available at $40. To include it in your pledge, click the "Manage Pledge" button and add 40$ to your pledge (just like with other pledges). Keep your selected reward tier. Once this Kickstarter is over, we will contact you so that you can specify what add-on(s) you wish to receive for the extra you have pledged.

The minimum pledge amount for this add-on is 25$. For more add-ons, visit the home page of our project (bottom of the page).

Find more information on the Dragon Commander website. Alternatively, you can have a look at this official trailer.

More reward tiers now available with Paypal

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Free shipping in EU and US

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Cleaning up the rewards table

Because Kickstarter doesn't allow us to change the reward descriptions, we included correct descriptions in another dimension. Don't worry - nothing is removed - but a whole lot of things were added and clarified.

World premiere: Jan spoils the storyline!

Not really, but the man who prefers to write instead of talk a.k.a. Jan Van Dosselaer, our brilliant lead writer, opened up considerably now that we told him he can get all those extra dialogue lines he wanted in. Good stuff! Definitely worth watching if you want to know how the story of Divinity: Original Sin links in to the tale of the Divine and the Damned. Well, you'll think you'll know, but obviously...

The Shelter Plane at the End of Time

Created by imp historian Zixzax the Almost Wise; located on the Precipice of Ages - where time itself ends in endless black - you will find your homestead. It is a barren place; arid and forlorn, but beggars can't be choosers, and neither can a couple of Source Hunters down on their luck. In time, though, perhaps your Shelter Plane might turn into quite a cosy abode really: a place to put up your feet and relax by the fire, staring out unto the very edge of oblivion.

What are some of the nifty things you can expect to find in your Shelter Plane?

The Transcript of Unravelled Destinies

As you play through Original Sin, you will encounter a great many characters, and like any respectable RPG hero worth their salt, you will be able to alter these characters' lives through your actions and decisions. For some, the consequences will be tangible and immediate; for others, they might seem imperceptible at first, but become more apparent as time passes.

Each time you visit your Shelter Plane, you can consult the Transcript of Unravelled Destinies and learn about the consequences of your actions, for it is a magical tome which registers the fate of every single being in Rivellon. By flicking through its pages, you will learn about what happened to all those people whose lives you affected. Did the young couple you reunited live happily ever after? Did that swindler you dragged to court really learn the error of his ways?

Did you impact past or present and did you thereby influence the future? Can you jump back to reality and still make changes?

Interior Decider-Decorator

Yes, the Shelter Plane at the End of Time is a lonesome and empty place at first, but never you worry! Its appearance will change, though not as the result of a wholesale shopping spree. Instead, decisions you make during specific quests will change its initial shape and give your Shelter Plane a distinctly different atmosphere...

Henchmen, the Gathering

As you recruit henchmen throughout your journey, there will come a time when you'll want to leave one of them behind (because you just cannot resist hiring that bull-sized battle mage you just met!). Yet fear not, for they will not hold a grudge against you! Instead, they will patiently wait for you until you require their services once more, safe in the comfort of your Shelter Plane.

The Coffers That Have No Bottoms

Each player gets his or her individual storage chest, where they may safely store their loot without fearing their loyal partner (or Zixzax...) might 'borrow' any of their belongings. Even the best of couples need their privacy.

Shelter from the Storm

If things get a bit much for you on the battlefield and you see no other option than to flee, you can quickly retreat to your Shelter Plane and catch your breath. After all, there's no shame in surviving, and when you feel ready to head out again, you can simply pick your waypoint of choice.Of course, you'll need a bit of space to make the transition, so make sure your enemies are not too close when seeking shelter...

Secrets Galore

There is more to The Shelter Plane at the End of Time than meets the eye; much more! Seek and you shall find. Great wonders await inquisitive souls...

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