Divinity Original Sin (pre)purchase Agreement

Terms and conditions

It’s a mouthful but you really should read this document carefully before you make your purchase (or pre-purchase). They are the general Terms & Conditions for purchasing anything on one of our sites. We tried to cover most cases, but it’s always possible that we forgot something. If you have questions about anything, please contact support@larian.com. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH ANYTHING IN THIS DOCUMENT, PLEASE DON’T USE THIS SERVICE. By using our Service, you are agreeing, without limitations or qualifications, to the terms and conditions herein. We regret that documents like this exist, but apparently they are necessary.

The summary of it all is that we’re happy that you want to (pre-)purchase one of our games, that you need to make sure you have a PC that can run the game, that once you bought the game, you can only be refunded as long as you didn’t install the game, that you understand you shouldn’t copy our games without our permission, that we make no warranties whatsoever about the quality of the game and that we’ll respect your privacy.

That’s the summary. You should still read the rest. You should always read Agreements like this. Sorry.

1. – Subject and limitations of the service:

www.larianvault.com, www.divinityoriginalsin.com and www.divinitydragoncommander.com and www.larian.com are Internet websites (hereinafter “the Site”) offering internet users who have registered to the site (hereinafter “Customers”), a download to own video game service.

The user may select a video game, download it, install it on his computer and keep it on his hard disk drive (hereinafter “the Service”).

The Service is operated by Larian Studios NV (hereinafter the “Distributor”), Panharinglaan 11, 8660 De Panne

The Service consists in the digital delivery of video games and all associated content needed to install and run the said games (serial number or activation key, multiplayer key, bonus key…) as data files: no physical back-up, notably CD-rom or DVD-rom will be sent (hereinafter “the Games” or the “Video Games”).

Furthermore, the Service can also carry, under similar conditions, other products, such as strategy guides or physical versions of the products. These Terms and Conditions apply in the exact same way to all the other products.

2. – Prerequisites:

2.1 – Internet Access: The Games available to download range from dozens of megabytes to many gigabytes in size: it is therefore recommended that the Customer has a broadband internet connection, either ADSL or cable. An internet access is also required to install and launch the downloaded Games, or, depending on the Games, to reach some dedicated features (multiplayer sessions, etc...).

2.2 - Account: To use the Service, you will need to create an account and you will be required to supply valid information including a valid email address. Incorrect details may result in the rejection of your order.

2.3 – Computer: The Games require a clean computer, with system specifications fulfilling a certain number of requirements (CPU power, RAM, GPU...): these specifications are indicated online on a Game per Game basis. It is the Customer’s responsibility to check that their computer fulfills the minimum requirements to run each Game. If in doubt about the specifications, please refer to article 5 – Customer Service and ask our customer service.

The Distributor will not be held responsible for misuse of the downloaded Games, nor for their compatibility with the Customer’s computer.

3. – Price & Payment:

The prices of Games advertised for sale on the Site are as set out on the Site, errors and omissions excepted. Prices may change at any time prior to acceptance of Customer’s order.

There are orders for Games that have not yet become available. For some Games, Customers will be able to make a pre-released order or a pre-load order using the Site. Release dates are set by the publishers and are subject to change. As a result, the Distributor is not liable for any changes to a pre-release date.

Pre-release, pre-load or download orders will be supplied at the price applicable at the time of order and the sale is said to have taken place once the Customer obtained the payment confirmed page and received a confirmation email.

Customers must pay all applicable sales and use taxes, value added taxes and other taxes levied on you by any taxing authority on any Game purchase in any country where such transactions are otherwise subject to tax, regardless of the method of delivery. Any taxes owed by you (i) as a result of purchasing Games or the payment of any fee, (ii) that are required or permitted to be collected from you by the Distributor under applicable law, and (iii) that are based upon the amounts payable under these Terms & Conditions, must be remitted by Customers to the Distributor. Failure on the Distributor's part to invoice a Customer for any such taxes does not relieve such Customer of the liability to pay such taxes. The Customer will promptly reimburse the Distributor for all taxes or other charges imposed upon the Distributor by any national, state or municipal government upon the sale, use, production, or distribution of Games.

No bank or card details are visible by, nor stored by the Distributor or on the Site. In order to fight mounting internet fraud, the Distributor collects and records certain device identifying information such as IP addresses, as well as other non-personally identifiable information. In addition, the Distributor has contracts in place with certain third party service providers and shares such non-personally identifiable information with them to provide the safest user experience. This unique official identification contractually binds you. In the absence of fraud this information will remain confidential.

4. – Customers Rights & Obligations:

4.1 – Customer ID: the Customer is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his accounts’ login and password, and is fully responsible for all activities that occur under this account.

The Distributor reserves the right to suspend or terminate any account if it is or appears to be used in breach of any of the provisions of these Terms & Conditions, including the provision of false registration details or any other misuse of the Site. Any person who holds such a suspended or terminated account must not re-register on the Site without the Distributor’s prior consent.

In the event of any unauthorized use of your account or any other breach of security, the Customer must notify the Distributor immediately by contacting customer services.

Note about Phishing (the criminally fraudulent process of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details): The Distributor will never ask the Customer to divulge his password. Such a request would be a fraud attempt by a third party.

4.2- Game Delivery: The Customer can access the Games’ data files and all associated content needed to install and run said Games (serial number or activation key, multiplayer key, bonus key…) once the payment has been validated. In order to fight fraud, the Distributor may refuse or delay the delivery of some or all of this associated content should the payment not be validated. If a Customer is waiting for a Game delivery, he may contact the customer service in order to speed the payment validation process up.

4.3 – Right of Cancellation: the Customer may cancel his order at any stage before the Service is delivered. The Service is delivered once the Customer has received the downloadable links and/or any serial numbers either on the receipt page or via confirmation email.

4.4- Distributor cancellation & refund policy: Video Games for which the Customer has received downloadable links and/or any serial numbers are non-refundable, whether based on technical failure of the Game, Customer inability to meet requirements to run the Game on the Customer’s computer or lack of enjoyment while playing the Game.

Refunds may be offered if all the following conditions are met:

  • The time of the Customer’s request for refund/credit is less than 48 hours since the Service started;
  • The Game has not been activated or launched;
  • The Game serial numbers (activation key, multiplayer key, bonus key...if any) have not been transmitted and/or disclosed by the Customer to any third party;
  • Customer service has determined the Customer’s refund request reasonable under special circumstances.
Customer service will determine if a Customer meets the foregoing criteria for a refund. If a Customer feels he is qualified for a refund, he will have to contact Customer service.

4.5 – License of Use: The payment and download of Video Games gives the Customer an individual license that is non-exclusive for the use of the video game purchased, for a purely private, non-transferable and non-commercial use. The Customer commits to using the Game following the Publisher’s End User License as provided during installation and/or (depending on the Game) on the Site.

In consequence, the Customer is forbidden from modifying, decompiling, translating, adapting and/or copying the downloaded game(s) in any way, except to create a copy onto a CD or DVD-rom or any other support for personal archiving.

The distribution of non-authorized copies to third parties over the internet or any other network prevents the development of distribution by download and prevents the right holders from any remuneration which would be used for the creation of subsequent Games. In order to prevent fraud, the Customer may only install the Games on a limited number of machines (and reinstall a limited number of times) and/or, (depending on the Game), will have to create an account directly on the Publisher’s site or any third party selected by said Publisher to launch or access dedicated features from the Game.

In the event of problems arising from the reasonable re-installation of the game (loss, system alteration, etc.), please contact the customer service which may expand customer’s rights after having analyzed any reasonable requests.

5. – Customer Service:

The Distributor provides assistance with the Service for any questions relating to the download of, the installation of or the payment of a Game.

To receive assistance with the Service, Customers can go to the online support pages and, if they do not find the required answers, may contact the customer service using the contact form available on the Site.

In order for customer service to satisfy any request, the Customer will be required to give information that was sent to them after the purchase (sale ID), accurate information about the issue encountered and about the Customer’s computer environment.

The Distributor is not responsible for any issues linked to the Game itself. These issues are the Game Publisher’s responsibility only. The Distributor may provide links to the Game Publisher’s customer support or technical FAQ pages if and when available.

6. – Service Limitations:

The Distributor cannot always anticipate technical or other operational difficulties which may result in loss of data, personalization settings or other service interruptions. For this reason, Customers agree that the Service, including the services of its third-party service providers, are provided “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE”. Neither the Distributor nor its third-party service providers assume responsibility for the timeliness, deletion, miss-delivery or failure to store any data, communications or personalization settings. In particular, the Distributor cannot guarantee the speed of download of the Games, which depends on the combination of the Service with characteristics inherent to the Internet or the delivery of a third party’s service, including service from third-party Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and the User’s system.

7. – Warranties:

The Consumer benefits, under the terms of each Publisher end-user license, of a limited warranty for each Game purchased according to the present Terms and Conditions.

In any event, the responsibility and the guarantees of the Distributor are limited to the replacement of defective games or their eventual reimbursement.

The Distributor may provide a corrective patch to update the version of a Game purchased on the Site. This patch, provided for free by the Publisher is reachable from the Game’s menu itself, or from the Publisher’s website, or from the Site. For some Games, only patches provided from the Site are compatible with the versions of Games sold on the Site. The Distributor is not responsible for any issues linked to a non-compatible patch installed by the Customer on a Game purchased on the Site.

8. Community tools:

In addition to the online selling of Games, the Distributor provides tools allowing communication between Customers (user reviews, forum posts, profiles, messages…).

8.1 – Rules of Conduct: The Distributor may delete any illicit content and, as a potential author, the Customer will be held responsible when he contributes content to the Service.

If a Customer encounters another user who is violating any of the rules of conduct, he shall report this activity to the customer service.

8.2 – Property: When a Customer contributes content to the Service, the Customer expressly grants to the Distributor a non-exclusive, perpetual, worldwide, complete and irrevocable right to quote, re-post, use, reproduce, modify, create derivative works from, syndicate, license, print, sublicense, distribute, transmit, broadcast, and otherwise communicate, and publicly display and perform the content, or any portion thereof, in any manner or form and in any medium or forum, whether now known or hereafter devised, without notice, payment or attribution of any kind.

9. - Privacy:

The Distributor respects the privacy of the Internet users. To see this site's Privacy Policy, please visit http://www.larian.com/disclaimer.php

10. Proof & Filing:

All data exchanged with the Customers are preserved by the Distributor under reasonable conditions of safety. The filing of these data is carried out on a reliable and durable back-up means so as to correspond to a faithful and durable copy. In the event of conflict between the data held by the Distributor and any other document, it is expressly agreed that the aforementioned data will be recognized between the parties.

11. - Specific rules on the protection of minors and consumer information:

To answer the consumer’s need for information about the content of the offered Games, the Distributor systematically reproduces the classification established by the ESRB system (Entertainment Software Rating Board). For more information on ESRB ratings please visit http://www.esrb.org.

The Service is not directed to children under the age of 13. The Distributor will not knowingly collect personally identifiable information on or through the Service from anyone under 13. Please be aware that certain games distributed via the Service contain mature content and there may be posted specific age restrictions to access and view such areas. You may be exposed to Content on the Service that you find offensive, indecent or objectionable. By using the Service you assume all risk associated with its use. We encourage parents to supervise their children's use of the Service and maintain open communication regarding appropriate materials for use and viewing by their children. Note to Parents. If you have any concerns about the Service, please contact our customer service.

12. – Disclaimer:



13. – General Provisions:

The Distributor reserves the right to update the Terms and Conditions at any time. The Distributor will then provide access to the new Terms and Conditions on the Site. The new Terms and Conditions will take effect immediately, and will govern all new transactions through the Site.

Unless otherwise specified, the materials in the Service are presented solely for the purpose of entertainment and promoting programs, events, products available in the United States, its territories, possessions, and protectorates. The Site is controlled and operated by the Distributor from its offices within the State of Georgia, United States of America. The Distributor makes no representation that material in the Service is appropriate or available for use in other locations. Those who choose to access the Service from other locations do so on their own initiative and are responsible for compliance with local laws, if and to the extent local laws are applicable.

This agreement shall be governed by, construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the Kingdom of Belgium, as it is applied to agreements entered into and to be performed entirely within Belgium. Any action a Customer, any third party or the Distributor bring to enforce this agreement or, in connection with, any matters related to the Service shall be brought only in the district of Veurne, Belgium, and the Customers expressly consent to the jurisdiction of said courts. If any provision of this agreement shall be unlawful, void, or for any reason unenforceable, then that provision shall be deemed severable from this agreement and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions. This is the entire agreement between the parties relating to the matters contained herein and shall not be modified except in writing, signed by the Distributor.

Last updated on the 8th of April 2013

Thanks to phenomenal backers our kickstarter campaign was a success! Check out how it happened
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Stretchgoals, Music Preview

Update #7 · Apr 5, 2013 · 80 comments

Higher And Higher

We are very proud to announce stretchgoals this early in our campaign. We have 82% of our target pledged, and that wouldn't have been possible without our pledgers. So even if this starts sounding like a broken record: thank you!

We have listened to the community in setting up these stretchgoals. We hope you recognize some of your influence ;-)

In this update:

Stretchgoals Explained

500K - New Area: Your Homestead on the Shelter Plane At The End Of Time.

We'll implement a new area to which you can travel at all times. An accidental gift by the Imp Historian (you know, the slightly bizarre time traveler that also gives you the Teleporter Pyramids)...

The Shelter Plane At The End Of Time is a barren place at first, and not without its issues, but with the proper care, we're sure you can turn it into a cozy, homely place. You can then recruit NPCs who will perform special services for you, provided they can overcome their initial fear...

Don't forget, this plane exists at the end of time only, and changes according to significant choices you make in the present. Beware the Imp Historian though, he still pays you visits and he's very interested in everything you have and he has his own ideas about interior decoration.

Well, we told you it would look barren. But really, all it needs is an extreme makeover.

650K - Talents and Personality Traits

We'll introduce talents that further define your character. These talents help you in combat, in dialogues with NPCs, and in all kinds of other interactions. You get to choose some at character creation, by exploring the world, and occasionally through leveling up.

For instance, Animal Empathy allows you to talk to animals. Slippery Eel allows you to evade attacks of opportunity. Interdimensional Touch lets you send items to far away party members but also to your Homestead on the Shelter Plane At The End Of Time.

Personality traits reflect the choices that you make and may shift during the game, depending on your decisions. These personality traits give your characters benefits and penalties. For instance, a Ruthless character gains certain bonuses in combat but becomes more infamous. A Loyal character receives bonuses when fighting back to back, but gets a penalty when trying to flee.

Not all talents and traits have already been designed and we'll be looking at our backers for input!

(The talent Necromantic Prodigy gives you better control over the undead.)

800K - Henchmen Become Companions.

Companions will have a background, their own story to tell, their own goals and their own personality. The world and its inhabitants will react to them. The companions have their own dynamic story arc and quests. Their fate will change depending on the party's decisions.

Companions will have their own talents and personal traits, and will affect the party's spirit. A high party spirit means that in combat the party is more efficient.

Companions will be able to stay at the Shelter Plane At The End Of Time. Because it's handy to be able to switch sometimes if the situation calls for another approach...

A companion whose fate seemed to be sealed. Until you came along.

1M - NPC Schedules, Day/Night Cycles, Weather Systems.

As the ground warms to the rays of the morning sun, NPCs wake up, and start going about their day. When evening falls, they go to their houses, light their candles and fireplaces, then get ready for bed.

The day and night cycles and the moons of Rivellon have an impact on magic and on monsters. The weather changes, and has an impact on the environment and affects magic as well.

(Let's go for a walk, they said. It'll be fun, they said.)

A Nice Graphic For Those Stretchgoals

A Preview of One of Kirill's Songs

As promised, here is an early sketch Kirill came up with for Divinity: Original Sin. (A sketch is a piece of music he recorded all by himself, an idea. This is in no way recorded as it should, unmixed, unmastered and unproduced.)

(Out of respect for Kirill's music, we will not end this update with a silly video. I'm serious.)

Beating The System

Update #6 · Apr 4, 2013

Surprise! You're dead.

Designers have a tough job. You'd think it's all fun and games for them, but they actually have the toughest job of us all. When coming up with quests, and scripting them, they constantly have to think about the logic, approach it from different angles, and how players could break those quests. When you've got an open world where you're very free to do as you please, which has got teleporter pyramids and systemic behaviour, nothing seems certain.

The following is a re-enactment of something we found out by accident. In hindsight, it was predictable, but surprising nonetheless. It takes longer to explain than to watch it, so enjoy the video :-)

And In Closing

We'll try not to go back to prison. 'Cause I can't go back there man. Not after what they did to Johnny.

The Short of it, Downloads, Reward Matrix, Articles, 6666, GOG

Update #5 · Apr 4, 2013

"Ooooh, we're three fourths theeee-eeere, wooo-oo..."

75% funded!!!! Wow! Who would’ve thought we’d hit 75% that fast? Several days ago, we were making contingency plans on how we’d deal with a failed Kickstarter campaign, but you really are a fantastic crowd! A warm thank you from all of us to all of you!

To celebrate the occasion, there will be two updates today. This is the first :)

In this update:
  • The Short Of It: Kickstarter Presentation Compressed To 1 minute 30 seconds
  • Downloadable Downloadity: Avatars. Wallpapers
  • Reward Matrix: For Spreadsheet Fans
  • Campaign Propaganda: The Media About This Kickstarter
  • 6666
  • GOG.com Confirmed For Original Sin And Dragon Commander
    • The Short Of It

      A lot of people told us that our Kickstarter movie was too long and that a shorter version would help in spreading the word. We listen to what you say, so here it is: the 1:30 minute version of our Kickstarter movie. Spread it please. As much as you can. We’ll reward you with a great RPG.

      Downloadable Downloadity

      You want it, you got it: we posted some avatar icons which you can use to customize your portrait here on Kickstarter or on other forums. We also posted two cool wall-papers. Click the links to have a look, and we hope you find at least something to your liking. Look, here's one of them. Completely totally randomly picked. (Well, no, it's my personal favourite really.)

      Reward Matrix

      After updating the rewards and the tiers, we decided to make a visual representation so that we would know at least what to pop in everyone's virtual or physical box. Then we realized this may also be handy for you guys ;-)

      Click to enlarge

      Click to enlarge

      Campaign Propaganda

      Here are some interesting opinions on this Kickstarter campaign.

      In English: Eurogamer

      In French: Gamekult

      In Polish: Gry Online

      In Russian: AG

      In German: PCGames


      Speaking of interesting, Swen wrote a blog post containing some of the statistics behind our campaign.

      GOG.com confirmed for Divinity: Original Sin

      GOG.com, DRM-free digital purveyor of all that's good in gaming, has announced that they will be partnering up with us for Divinity: Dragon Commander and Divinity: Original Sin. That means that if you want, you will be able to get your digital version of Divinity: Original Sin via GOG.com.

      They also announced that they’ll be participating in the pre-order campaign for Divinity:Dragon Commander (part of the 65$ tier here on Kickstarter) and to promote it, they will host a live Google+ Hangout On Air Q&A session on Wednesday, 10 April 2013 at 2:00 GMT (10:00 AM EDT), which will reveal new gameplay footage from Divinity: Dragon Commander.

      For more information on Divinity:Dragon Commander, head over to www.divinitydragoncommander.com

      And In Closing

      Now that you can visually tell what rewards you get for what tier, maybe some of you are going to make the jump to a physical tier? In that case, sing along to this! If not: sing along anyway!

      Zandalor's perspective on recent events, SP video, reward updates, more undies

      Update #4 - Apr 2, 2013
      In this update:

      It's not even been a week and we are now two thirds funded. A big mega-thank you everybody for helping us out!!! And a special thank you to the order of the Weresheep of Original Sin for assisting in spreading the word!

      If you want to join this grand order, we suggest you check their Codex in the Larian Forums. They are a great gang and well on their way to earning something special from us!

      In this update:

      Extended Offer On Undies

      About the Trunks of Epic Intelligence

      There was quite a lot of demand for this so we convinced Zandalor to spend some overtime and he's now ready to donate his Trunks of Epic Intelligence to all our backers. He's even included a gender bender component to the spell that holds the Trunks together!

      About the Trunks of Epic Intelligence

      Few people who are now acquainted with the wise and benign wizard Zandalor, know that in his early years he was given to indulge in the vagaries of youth, and was quite famous for his pranks and practical jokes among all who attended the Wizard Academy.

      His most celebrated stunt was to successfully enchant the favourite pair of nether garments of a certain headmaster who had had the audacity of questioning Zandalor's demon-enslavement abilities. Late one night the entire academy was roused by such a scream, many thought a rift to the seven hells had been opened. In fact it was but the unfortunate headmaster who had put on his demon-infested briefs after a reinvigorating bath.

      The next morning he walked - or rather stumbled - into the classroom with a rather dark countenance about his face and threw the bewitched item of clothing unto Zandalor's desk. The apprentice was to wear them for the remainder of the year: such would be his punishment.

      Of course everyone thought the young wizard would soon take to stumbling too, and lose the deep timbre of his voice to boot, but such mishaps luckily never materialized. Quite on the contrary, he proclaimed his demon trunks gave him both excellent support and no end of pleasant conversation during the otherwise lonely moments when nature calls.

      These trunks - properly laundered - can now become yours! For let's face it: who doesn't want talking briefs, especially of the demonic variety? Oh, the stories they could tell! Oh, the places they have been!

      Video feature: Single player gameplay demonstration

      Story feature: The One Future (Zandalor's perspective on recent events in Rivellon)

      The following is an excerpt from the diary of Zandalor the Wizard (here depicted), written in the year of the Divines 945.

      As I dip my quill in ink as black as my thoughts, the sun is casting its last fading rays upon this troubled realm of Rivellon, and I'm quite certain I shall need to light a candle before I can set to paper all of the day's most important happenings.

      It was late in the afternoon as I arrived on the island.I have always hated sea travel, and these storms are playing toss-ball with my stomach. I headed for the remains of Blackrock Citadel, but just when I observed its toppled towers in the distance, I stumbled rather ungracefully over some obstacle in my path. I cast an angry glance back at what I assumed would be the impudent branch that caused a wizard to lose his balance, but to my surprise I beheld not a log, but a lizard - a dead one as a matter of fact. By a mark upon his person (if one knows where to look) I immediately perceived him to be a Source Hunter. My guess is he died as he sought to escape the recent onslaught that befell his headquarters.

      Next to him I spied a bag that upon inspection turned out to contain a missive written by none other than the Grandmaster himself. The light it shed upon the matter - if any - led me to deduce that he was in no way aware of any imminent attack on Blackrock Citadel. Here are the contents of the letter, which I shall copy in full.


      My name is Thorgal Bloodfurst. I know you know who I am...

      First of all, let me express my deepest condolences for the death of your father. His passing is a loss to us all, but if his dark demise has a silver lining, surely it must be your ascendancy to the throne, wherefore I congratulate you heartily. I express the fond hope that your first endeavour as king will be to expose and execute the lowly assassins that killed our late ruler. Whereas I usually abstain from mingling in the intricate and often brutal political affairs of the Civilised Races, I am deeply shocked by this savage murder nonetheless.

      But now, my lord, to business. I need hardly call to memory the blood-oath you have sworn afore the Council, and I should like to remind you of its solemn vows of secrecy. The information I am about to share with you must be yours alone to keep, and may death catch up swiftly with those who wrongfully learn of the confidences I am about to impart.

      Until this letter reaches you, my king, you will have been blissfully unaware there exists a sordid, secret form of malignant magic that gives its wielders power and access to the very fabric of reality... and beyond. This devilish sorcery is in essence the unification of all that is magic and as such can be considered to be the source of all wizardry. This is the magic the gods wield; magic that creates and destroys; magic that has no like. Those few who partake in its precarious splendours call it The Source.

      Know though, your majesty, that The Source is incredibly volatile and ultimately dangerous. Never should it be used by us mere mortals!

      Indeed, so strong are the powers manipulated by Source wielders that they risk to be consumed completely by those same powers they foolishly believe they exert control over. The results of such consumptions could well spell catastrophe, and perhaps - if the soul of the devoured wielder is powerful enough - could possibly even lead to the unravelling of nature itself! For if one fools around light-heartedly with that which binds all existence, one risks the unbinding of existence as well.

      You may think I am giving in to hyperbole, sire, because after all, does not demon magic also abound? And are there not hosts of necromancers that wield it just the same without succumbing to its infernal influences? A strong mind may resist corruption, yes, but in the case of the Source things are quite different. Many prophecies foretell that from the Source, Chaos will spawn: Chaos, the herald of the End Times!

      Prophecies, as we know, predict many possible futures, but only one from the tens of thousands that have flown in dread whispers from the Temple of Prophets, anticipates that Chaos will not spell the universe's end. I am not a gambling man, sire, but these are odds I do not like.

      Only one prophecy among so very many...

      One that requires unseen heroics to realise...

      It is a gamble I would not take!

      And yet... And yet the citadel I administer - proud Blackrock! - forms part of the Council of Seven's attempt to ensure the One Prophecy will be our future! Within its walls you will find battle mages; warriors; farseers; riftrunners, and I do not exaggerate when I say it is they who stand between oblivion and the continued survival of the Seven Races. These brave men and women scour the realm in search of accursed Source practitioners. When they are found, they are never seen again. Our enemies call us Source Hunters, and well they should! They whisper of us with quivering voices and when they look into our eyes they know they are as helpless as a deer surrounded by wolves. And yet even you, one of the royal family, have never heard of these relentless hunters, which attests to how well-trained, efficient and always lethal they are.

      But now that you are king, your path and that of a Source Hunter may sometimes cross, which is why I am informing you of their existence. Even at court, surreptitious Source users can sometimes be found - only to be removed.

      So remember your blood-oath, sire, and take to heart full well the following rules:

      - As decreed by the Council of Seven, we are NEVER to be interfered with.
      - We are to be given ANY assistance we ask for.
      - We are to be OBEYED without questioning; without faltering.

      I am told you are an intelligent man, my lord. I trust my message is clear, and I furthermore wish you a fruitful reign. If you follow our rules, I don't see why you shouldn't do better - or at least last a little bit longer - than your unfortunate father...

      Yours kindly and sincerely,

      Signed: Thorgal Bloodfurst, Grandmaster of Blackrock Citadel"

      It took me the better part of a well-stuffed pipe to finish reading Bloodfurst's laboured and frankly unpleasant letter, composed in that dreadful handwriting of his. Many of the things he spoke of I knew, but never had I read about them in such plain, yet menacing terms. The epistle wasn't addressed to anyone in particular, but clearly the unfortunate lizard messenger was to deliver it to Edwin Stormfist, our new king (and prime suspect in the affair of his father's murder). This communication - obviously meant for his eyes only - may have been signed by the Grandmaster alone, but its royal recipient would have known very well that if a letter is signed by Bloodfurst and closed with thick scarlet wax bearing his seal, the implication is clear: the entire Council of Seven is behind the message it postulates. Not many would dare to break the Grandmaster's seal I should note, but curiosity got the better of me. Let us hope, unlike the poor proverbial cat, curiosity does not kill me.

      I finished my pipe and continued onward to the ruins of Blackrock Citadel, which I intended to explore. If ever it was as black as its name implied, the citadel certainly lives up to its epithet now, for fire has devastated it wholly and left but a barren, charcoaled waste behind. Nothing could have survived the siege that took place here - or so I thought - and I shuddered to think what forces could have brought low a castle filled to the brim with hunters held in such high regard by the Council.

      Amid the mass of blackened stone though, I suddenly saw a set of stairs spiralling downward into shadowed depths. I descended them step by nervous step and in gloomy, corpse-strewn dungeons found two Source Hunters - a young man and a young woman - who still drew the breath of life, if ever so feebly.

      I brought them up into the light and made them swallow one of my famed red tonics that can cure disease and even deep flesh wounds like a draught of water quenches thirst. After they came to, and I waved away their kindly words of thanks, I found myself asking them to seek out Source users as is their want, but - and this is crucial - not liquidate them, but instead to enlist their help! They were quite puzzled by my request, but I venture to guess they felt they owed me and even though the girl informed me she and her companion are but apprentices, they swore I'd find in them allies. Alas the pair seems rather weak and they may not live to see my request fulfilled, but what other choice did I have?

      Thorgal Bloodfurst would have my head if he knew, but so dire is the situation... so hopeless, that I must learn more about The Source, so that I can remedy, yes, unbind if necessary, the evil that has befallen us...

      The Council of Seven too, would most probably brand me a traitor, but where is the Council now? Lost! Undone! Only I am left. What I say goes, and I say: if there is hope, the answer lies in The Source.

      A moonless night is now upon me like a shadowy serpent ready to strike. The candle I lit is about to fail. Darkness is drawing near.

      Come the dawn I will try to find the Patriarch and beg him to share what knowledge he has to offer. In times so utterly bereft of light, I fear only a dragon's wisdom may illuminate the path to salvation...

      The boat tosses upon the waves like a rider atop an untamed stallion, and once more my stomach lurches in counter-natural ways.

      Reward Tiers: Updates and Clarifications

      You gave us a lot of feedback on the reward tiers and so we made a few changes. Unfortunately, we cannot update the descriptions anymore, but we'll try to clarify as much as we can here, and on the main page. Of course changes to existing reward tiers apply even if you pledged already.

      Digital Artbook and Digital Map ($75 and up)

      If you pledge $75 and up, you will receive the digital artbook and a digital version of the map along with your rewards.

      Physical Artbook ($95 and up)

      If you pledge $95 or up, and your reward tier contains the physical Collector's Edition Kickstarter Box with printed manual, soundtrack CD and cloth map, this box will also contain a physical artbook!

      Name the undead ($125 and up)

      The "Name the undead" reward, which is available from $125 onward, will no longer simply be an undead in your personal copy. We will gather names from all supporters that pledged $125 and more, and put them in one big pool. Several undead creatures in the final game (ghosts, skeletons, zombies in all their glorious variations) will pick a random name from this pool.

      Design a henchman ($250 and up)

      The "Design a henchman" reward, available from $250 onward, has also been upgraded to being included in the final game, and not just your personal copy. That means everybody who plays the game might encounter your henchman.
      We will gather names, stats and looks from all supporters that pledged $250 and more, and put them in one big pool of Kickstarter-created henchmen. Everybody will be able to hire these henchmen via representatives of the inter-dimensional mercenaries guild. Depending on your personal preferences (Do you need a healer, a priest, a ranger, a rogue...) the agent will make a recommendation and you will then be able to hire them.

      Combo designer ($500 and up)

      Concerning the combo designer that starts at $500, here is a clarification. Your item combo will be available to everyone. You will come up with two items combining into one item. You define the use of that item. If we don't have any of these items, we will create them. You will be able to name the items and write its description (lore or history).

      Create an item ($1000 and up)

      The item you create (starting at $1000) will be a unique item (i.e. it will be a reward for exploring or a quest). There will be some constraints (balancing/type) but we are open minded. If you want a specific flower pot, we'll do that. If you want to create a unique weapon, you can. You will name it, tell us what it should look like, what its stats and special properties are, and you can give it a description (for instance a history).

      One of the four statues ($2500 only)

      Pledge $2500 and you will become one of the four statues of Prophecy. Yeah, yeah, but we forgot to mention: the statue in the game will be custom modeled so that the 3D model in the game actually looks like you! Oh, we forgot to mention - they are related to the genesis of the mighty Bellegar!

      New rewards to existing tiers

      $200 and up: Listen to Kirill's "Early Works"

      Anyone pledging $200 and more, will receive a digital download of Kirill's early work. This includes over 300 sketches of ideas he had for Divinity 2 songs. These were never heard outside of this office! (Sketches are rough ideas, sometimes only a piano, sometimes fully orchestrated musical pieces, but seldom well mixed or produced.) A must have for Kirill's fans!

      $5000 and up: you receive 2 actual real-life Teleporter Pyramids

      If you pledge $5000 or higher, you will receive 2 very limited hand-sculpted Teleporter Pyramids. They look awesome, are inscribed with Raanaar runes and contain a secret message!

      $5000 "The Committee" only: you now also get to name "The Bumbling Adventurers"

      If you choose "The Committee" tier, you will be invited to name and visually co-design one the four "Bumbling Adventurers". These adventurers are part of a chain quest where rivaling adventurers cross your path at the most inconvenient junctures.

      New reward tier: $175 Name the Summon

      We have created a new reward tier at $175. This introduces the following reward:
      Name the Summon:
      When an creature is summoned, from the fiery depths, from the watery abyss, from the howling skies, or from the darkest cores of the earth, its name shall be drawn by the hands of the gods, and proclaimed to all that lay eyes on these awe-inspiring abominations of nature.

      Backers that pledge this new $175 tier, or above, will be invited to guide the hands of the gods, by providing them with a pool of names and descriptions (backgrounds) to randomly draw from. Your creative endeavor will be in the final game for everyone to see.

      This new $175 reward tier also includes: Kickstarter Potion + Divinity Original Sin Kickstarter Box Copy with Printed Manual, Soundtrack CD and Cloth Map + Divinity Original Sin Digital Copy + Soundtrack Digital Download + Developer's Cut Digital (Documents and Videos) + Message in a Bottle + Beta Access + Listed in the Credits at Council level + Name the Undead + Alpha Access + Name a Pet

      New reward tier: $550 More Divinity Fans

      The original $500 tier was limited to 20 backers, and these early birds were well rewarded. However, there is high demand for this tier, and we have decided to re-introduce it at $550.

      Stating the obvious

      As a disclaimer, for any "creative reward" that lets you name or describe items or NPCs, the following should be taken into account: we have to approve of the names and things you come up with. The names and descriptions given to characters or objects, has to correspond with the spirit of our fantasy world. We will, for instance, not accept brand names or URLs or curse words, or words or sentences that may offend. We will also not allow items such as guns or motorcycles because they wouldn't fit in the world of Rivellon. (And the technology from the era of Dragon Commander is long lost.)

      And in closing...

      Support your local shepherd. May come in handy one day.

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