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Larian Studios prezentuje Divinity: Original Sin
Izometryczna gra RPG zawierająca tryb jedno- i wieloosobowy, oferująca taktyczną turową walkę, innowacyjny kooperacyjny system dialogów, interaktywny i złożony świat, bezklasowy rozwój postaci oraz mnóstwo brzemiennych w skutki wyborów. Do gry dołączony jest potężny edytor, w którym stworzono samą grę. Pozwala on tworzyć własne jedno- i wieloosobowe przygody i zamieszczać je w sieci.
Hands down the best classic-style RPG in years”
An incredible title that provides many hours of entertainment” 
Outstanding tactical combat and engaging quests make Divinity: Original Sin one of the most rewarding RPGs in years” 
One of the deepest and most unforgettable games of the year”
To play Divinity: Original Sin is to fall in love with role-playing games all over again”
Interaktywny świat, który reaguje na twoje zachowania
Taktyczna turowa walka
Rozgrywka i dialogi w trybie współpracy
Twórz za pomocą edytora własne (wieloosobowe) przygody

At this year's GDC in San Francisco, Larian CEO and Creative Director Swen Vincke gave a talk titled “Divinity: Original Sin Postmortem - Success Stories and Lesson Learned". In the talk, Swen discussed 10 simple maxims he learned while successfully transforming Larian Studios from a publisher-dependent studio into an independent, self-publishing company over the course of 15 years. The folks over at GDC Vault have made the talk available for free.

Also, in case you're wondering why Swen hasn't replied to your email yet, check out his most recent blog post, aptly titled "Making time to Develop”.

Thanks to the tremendous effort of our friends from community, Divinity: Original Sin is now live in Italian on Steam, featuring the full fan-made localisation. Check out how that happened in this secret behind-the-scenes video!

Over at Larian everyone is on cloud nine now that we've won several major awards for Divinity: Original Sin!


This Tuesday, November 4th, we tried something new by hosting a live Twitch podcast with our devs (and a special guest Jesse Cox) in which you told us what things you liked and didn’t like about Divinity: Original Sin. Check out how that happened!


We may have been a bit quiet over the past two months, but you'll be happy to hear we've spent the time not only recovering from launch, but also preparing improvements and new content for Divinity: Original Sin. We figured: how better to break the silence than with an exciting update chock full of much-asked-after features?


We're both proud and happy with the critical acclaim Divinity: Original Sin has garnered with press and fans. So we decided to share some of what the press has been saying about Divinity: Original Sin on the site.

"Divinity: Original Sin is one of the most rewarding RPGs to come along in years. Its quests and combat compelled me to think hard about my actions and choices, which is more than I usually get to say about contemporary RPGs. Its depth, personality, and combat challenges easily allow it to hold its own against the likes of heavyweights like Dragon Age: Origins. These systems invite constant experimentation throughout dozens of memorable hours of combat and cheeky storytelling, and its rich modding toolkit provides the framework for enjoyable player-made adventure for years to come."
9/10 - IGN

"Divinity: Original Sin is hands down the best classic-style RPG in years. It's obviously not Ultima 8 in name (and that's probably for the best, because the Ultima 8 we got in reality was bloody awful). It is, however, in every way that counts, the best successor ever to those classic journeys to Britannia, and a triumph on its own terms as a modern RPG with no shortage of fresh ideas."
9/10 - Eurogamer

But wait, there a bunch more of these, check them out here!

Czym jest Original Sin?
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Join us on our grand live event in celebration to a great kickstarter campaign. See just how David and Swen "cooperate" on their run through Rivellon. Ask questions, and catch a tune or two as Kirill scores the afterparty afterwards!

Over the last 30 days, there’s been such an avalanche of Divinity: Original Sin info that you might have missed a thing or two. Here’s 6 things you may want to know: 1

Larian Studios is running a Kickstarter campaign to make Divinity: Original Sin the best possible CRPG. The campaign ends in 24 hours. Once the Kickstarter campaign finishes, the Paypal page will remain open for another 2 weeks.


Tomorrow Friday at 14:00 GMT+1 during the last 4 hours, we will be hosting a live coop play session between the creative director& the producer of the game on twitch TV


Divinity: Original Sin is a RPG that brings back forgotten, good old-school ideas and introduces new, modern ones, all in one package.


Thanks to Kickstarter the game will now feature: More depth, more diversity, more interactivity A homestead on the Shelter Plane At The End Of Time A very cool ‘personality traits and talents’ system Companions with extensive story lines


The game ships with the editor that was used to make the game – you can make multiplayer CRPGs with this editor– it’s been a long time since you could do this. We showed of a remake prototype of Divine Divinity, made with the editor in this movie


Kickstarter backers get all kinds of extras which will not be available afterwards, including: The game at a much lower price A free soundtrack by this man Wizard trunks that talk and give their opinion on events A special potion that modifies your game in a mysterious but very rewarding manner... For backers at higher tiers: early access, a copy of Divinity: Dragon Commander, engraving tools with which you can mark your equipment and more...

Thanks so much!

Visit our Divinity Original Sin Kickstarter Campaign page!

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We will be livestreaming a play session of Divinity Original Sin with on Monday, April 22nd at 17h30 gmt+1 (17:30 Brussels - 16:30 London - 11:30 New York - 08:30 San Francisco - 19:30 Moscow)

Watch this space, or check out our page for the livestream with

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Ciesz się trybem współpracy i wieloosobowymi dialogami
Poznaj spektakularną i złożoną fabułę, która rozgrywa u zarania historii Rivellonu
Stań się częścią tętniącego życiem świata, który reaguje na twoje czyny
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